Ice Fishing Opener! and Turkey Season is Finally in Full Swing…

Wednesday, May 1st, we officially open our doors again for the year, just in time for the fishing opener on Saturday, May 4th. We will most likely be ice-fishing this Saturday, which the picture above shows us, which was taken Tuesday morning. This is the west shore of Lac Vieux Desert, which is typically one of the first in the area to break free. As you can see, the Mallards even look a little confused, probably wondering where all the water is!

We have completely filled up with bait here at Northern Waters, so the minnow tanks are full, as is our fridge with fresh crawlers, wigglers, and waxies. Saturday, our store hours will be 6am-5pm, but then it will be 8am-5pm until the middle of June. We are always more than willing to open earlier though if anyone is interested on Sunday. Don’t forget about our Apparel store in the back this year either. Clint has some unbelievably fantastic deals on last year’s items, so we can make room for all the new items coming very soon. Even if you don’t plan on fishing right away, stop on in, grab some hot coffee and catch up on all the gossip from the last month or two = Crappies have been on fire lately and even a few northwoods thunder-chickens have managed to hit the ground. 

With the first two time periods proving to be quite difficult for most with the amount of snow in the woods, the third Turkey season finally started to show some hope. With the onset of a few consecutive 70 degree days, the birds had finally started to break up from their wintering groups and showing their faces in all the right areas once again. Brian Blettner was the first lucky one here at Northern Waters to connect this year, taking the above tom during the third season. He was 18.6 lbs, with a 9” beard and a little over an inch spurs, putting him as either an older 2 yr old or young 3 yr old. Either way, it was a great hunt and a real fun bird to chase, so to hear the full story, I guess you will have to drop in and say Hi! Good luck to all the rest of the turkey hunters out there for the next three periods and to all the ice-fishermen this weekend. Please be careful with these late-ice conditions and always remember that a stupid little fish or two is never worth a person’s life!